Film911 – Jackson Applies For a Job

Film911 – Jackson Applies For a Job
As soon as Jackson walked into Dr. Smith’s house, he was immediately impressed. The place was huge, with stylish furniture and expensive-looking d├ęcor. Dr. Smith, an imposing figure, greeted him with a warm smile. As they exchanged pleasantries, Dr. Smith asked if he was here for the MANny position.
Jackson nodded, trying hard to contain his excitement. He had been looking for a job for months now, and this one seemed perfect. Dr. Smith explained that he needed a male nanny for his son, Mason. Ever since his wife had left, Mason had found it difficult to connect with women. Dr. Smith believed that a male figure in his life would help him open up more.
As the conversation progressed, Dr. Smith revealed that he was a renowned hypnotist. Jackson couldn’t help but burst out laughing. ‘Come on, man,’ he chuckled, ‘You don’t really believe in that stuff, right?’
Dr. Smith’s face remained impassive. ‘I understand your skepticism, Jackson,’ he said calmly, ‘But I assure you, hypnosis is a real science. And I’m very good at it.’
Jackson raised an eyebrow. ‘Prove it then,’ he challenged, ‘Hypnotize me right now.’
Dr. Smith’s eyes lit up mischievously. ‘I have a better idea,’ he countered, ‘If I can successfully hypnotize you, then you must accept the job with a pay cut. But if it doesn’t work, then I’ll hire you with double the pay.’
Jackson’s eyes widened in surprise. He had never encountered such an unusual job interview before. But he was up for the challenge. ‘You’re on,’ he said, shaking Dr. Smith’s hand with determination.
Dr. Smith led Jackson to the couch and asked him to relax. He pulled out a shining pendant and started swinging it back and forth. Jackson rolled his eyes, thinking it was just a cheap trick. But as he focused on the swinging pendant, he felt his eyes getting heavier and heavier.
Suddenly, Dr. Smith counted down from ten, and Jackson’s body went limp. He was in a deep trance, completely under Dr. Smith’s control.
‘Now, Jackson,’ Dr. Smith’s voice echoed in his mind, ‘Do you believe in hypnosis now?’
Jackson’s response was slow and slurred, ‘Yes, I do.’
Dr. Smith chuckled triumphantly. ‘Good,’ he said, snapping his fingers, ‘You may wake up now.’
Jackson jolted back to reality, shaking his head in disbelief. He couldn’t believe it had worked. ‘I-I-I’m hired,’ he stammered, his mind still reeling from the experience.
Dr. Smith grinned, extending his hand. ‘Welcome to the team, Jackson,’ he said, ‘I knew you were the right man for the job.’
From that day on, Jackson became Mason’s beloved MANny, constantly in awe of Dr. Smith’s incredible powers of hypnosis. He knew that he had a unique and exciting job, and he couldn’t wait to see what other surprises Dr. Smith had in store for him.

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