Film911 – Amir Hypno 1

Film911 – Amir Hypno 1
Amir, dressed sharply in a dress shirt, pants, and a tie with a tight undershirt underneath, arrives at Dr. Smith’s house for a job interview. As he steps inside, he can’t help but notice the impressive setup of the house. Dr. Smith greets him with a warm smile and invites him in.
‘Welcome, Amir. I have been looking for an assistant for my magic and hypnosis performances, and I believe you might be the perfect fit,’ Dr. Smith says, eyeing Amir’s stature and confident demeanor.
Amir’s eyes light up with excitement at the mention of magic and hypnosis. He explains to Dr. Smith that he is also trying to break into modeling, and he believes this job could provide him with the exposure he needs.
Dr. Smith nods, ‘Yes, being my assistant will indeed increase your visibility. But it also comes with its challenges.’
Amir raises an eyebrow, intrigued. Dr. Smith continues, ‘I require my assistant to help with setting up the tricks, but I also like my assistant to be a part of the show. And for that, I prefer my assistant to wear only a speedo.’
Amir’s enthusiasm quickly deflates as he hesitantly says, ‘I am not comfortable with that. I don’t want to be half-naked on stage or objectified.’
Dr. Smith understands Amir’s reluctance and assures him that it is not mandatory. ‘We can discuss it further, but I’m sure you’ll come around to the idea,’ he says with a sly smile.
Taking out a pendulum, Dr. Smith starts swinging it back and forth, his voice becoming more soothing with each sway. As he counts down from 5 to 1, Amir finds himself unable to look away from the pendulum or resist Dr. Smith’s voice.
Before he knows it, Amir is in a deep trance, his head lowered, and his eyes closed. Dr. Smith tells him that he will remember being hypnotized, but he will think it was just a relaxation technique. He then proceeds to give Amir some suggestions.
‘You will be confident and charming on stage. All your doubts and fears will disappear. You will remember that you are doing this for yourself and your career. And most importantly, you will feel comfortable wearing a speedo on stage,’ Dr. Smith says with a quiet but firm tone.
As the suggestions settle in, Amir’s expression changes, and he nods in agreement. Dr. Smith brings him out of trance, and Amir opens his eyes, feeling rejuvenated and excited about the job.
As he leaves Dr. Smith’s house, Amir can’t help but feel grateful for the experience. He knows that this job will not only help him break into the modeling industry but also push him out of his comfort zone and make him a more confident individual. And he is now ready to rock that speedo on stage.

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