Film911 – Jackson Uncle Loves Innies

Film911 – Jackson Uncle Loves Innies
Dr. Smith greeted his nephew, Jackson, with a warm hug and a smile. It had been a while since they last saw each other, so there was a lot to catch up on. As they sat down for a cup of tea, Dr. Smith noticed Jackson yawning.
‘Are you feeling tired, Jackson?’ Dr. Smith asked with concern.
Jackson rubbed his eyes and sighed. ‘I’ve been working long hours for the past few weeks. I barely get 3-4 hours of sleep each night,’ he replied.
Dr. Smith nodded sympathetically. He had been practicing and teaching for many years and knew the importance of getting enough rest. He offered to help Jackson improve his sleep quality through hypnosis.
Jackson was skeptical at first and asked how this would help. But after some convincing from Dr. Smith, he agreed to give it a try. Dr. Smith took out a medallion and began the hypnosis session.
As Jackson entered a trance-like state, Dr. Smith revealed that he had always been fascinated by his nephew’s belly button. He gave Jackson two triggers – when he hears two finger snaps, he will become motionless and follow all of Dr. Smith’s commands. And when he hears two finger snaps again, he will go back to normal.
Dr. Smith then declared that he will be Jackson’s new belly button slave. Jackson replied with a sleepy ‘Yes, master.’ Dr. Smith clapped his hands and Jackson woke up from the hypnosis.
‘Did it work?’ Jackson asked, feeling a little dazed.
Dr. Smith smiled and said, ‘You’re all done, my boy. Now get some rest.’
Jackson thanked his uncle for his help and excused himself, saying he had to run some errands. Dr. Smith tried to convince him to stay longer, but Jackson insisted he had to go.
In a swift move, Dr. Smith snapped his fingers twice and put Jackson under hypnosis again. Jackson, now under his control, stood still as Dr. Smith lifted his shirt to reveal his abs. He commanded Jackson to remove his shirt, and then proceeded to worship his belly button.
After a while, Dr. Smith snapped his fingers once more and Jackson woke up, feeling confused and disoriented. He noticed his belly button was wet and wondered what had happened.
As he tried to escape, he suddenly stopped when he heard the two finger snaps. Dr. Smith explained that he had just had a small ‘session’ with Jackson’s belly button and that it would help him sleep better.
Jackson couldn’t believe what had just happened, but he couldn’t deny that he felt more relaxed and at ease. He thanked his uncle once again and left, still feeling a little puzzled.
From that day on, Jackson slept better and had a newfound appreciation for his belly button. He never questioned his uncle’s methods again and was grateful for the unique experience.

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