BoundGods – A Job Well Done: Tony Genius And Jack EmHoff (Mar 15, 2024)

BoundGods – A Job Well Done: Tony Genius And Jack EmHoff (Mar 15, 2024)
After several failed attempts to repair a door, Jack was feeling defeated. As he struggled to fix the door for the umpteenth time, his coworker Tony threatened to call their boss and request for another worker to take over the job. Worried about losing his job, Jack pleaded with Tony to give him another chance. He promised to do whatever it takes to get the job done right.
But Tony had a different, more unconventional idea. He suggested tying Jack up and having his way with him in exchange for another chance at completing the repair. At first, Jack was hesitant and unsure about Tony’s proposal. But the thought of losing his job pushed him to agree to the arrangement.
Tony quickly got to work, tying Jack up in ropes and stripping him down to his skivvies and socks. As he surveyed Jack’s toned and muscular body, he couldn’t resist admiring his assets. Jack looked hot, and Tony was eager to give him the attention he deserved.
Decked out in black leather pants and gloves, Tony wasted no time in exploring Jack’s body. He started with gentle touches and caresses, gradually increasing the intensity as he got to know Jack’s submissive side. Tony had given Jack multiple chances to fix the door, and now it was his turn to call the shots.
With a crop and a flogger in hand, Tony unleashed a series of lashes on Jack’s bare skin, turning it a bright red. Jack obediently took the pain, seemingly enjoying it despite the breathlessness it brought on. Next, Tony tied Jack up on his knees and gagged him before giving him an intense paddling that made Jack whimper and drool uncontrollably.
But Tony wasn’t done yet. He strapped a rubber pussy onto Jack’s face and thrust his hard cock deep into his mouth. After a while, he removed the strap-on and replaced it with his real thing. Tony rode Jack’s face hard, making him take his entire length deep down his throat. The hardcore face fucking only made Jack’s cock harder and more eager to please Tony.
Finally, Tony positioned Jack on his hands and knees with a hook inserted into his ass. He played with the hook, ate Jack’s ass, and then filled his hole with his throbbing cock. Tony pounded Jack’s tight ass relentlessly, reaching his peak as he shot his hot load inside him. After what seemed like an eternity, Tony finally pulled out, satisfied that he had gotten the job done right.

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