ManUpFilms – Batman Tickles Dirty Cops

ManUpFilms – Batman Tickles Dirty Cops
As the dark streets of Gotham echo with the sounds of sirens and criminals, one man stands determined to bring justice to the city. Batman, the Caped Crusader, has Buck Wright, a dirty cop, tied to a chair in a dark warehouse.
Buck squirms and curses, trying to break loose from the ropes that bind him. But the Dark Knight knows just how to make scum like him talk. He starts by tickling the cop’s feet, causing him to laugh uncontrollably. Just as Buck starts to catch his breath, Batman switches tactics and begins stroking his cock and kissing him.
As the cop’s tough exterior starts to break, Batman can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. But this is going to be a long night as Buck is taking a long time to crack. The Dark Knight is determined to get the information he needs, and he continues to alternate between tickling and pleasuring the cop.
Finally, Batman demands, ‘Tell me what you’re doing with the Riddler!’ Buck hesitates, knowing that he’ll never be safe if he reveals the truth. But Batman is relentless and offers, ‘I’ll suck your dick.’
Surprised by the offer, Buck hesitantly agrees, and the Dark Knight proceeds to do just that. He brings Buck to the edge of cumming before switching back to tickling his feet with a toothbrush, which he fittingly calls the ‘Batbrush.’ The cop’s body squirms and the sound of his laughter fills the warehouse.
After a few rounds of edging, Batman finally has the information he needs. He sucks the cum out of Buck’s cock before leaving him tied to the chair, naked and covered in his own cum. The Caped Crusader knows that this will serve as a reminder to Buck to not cross paths with him again.
As the night comes to an end and the sun rises over Gotham, Batman silently makes his way back to his Batcave, knowing that he has once again protected the city from the grasp of evil. Another victory, but one that came with a price – a little tickle torture and a lot of cum.

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