Amateur – Abusing My Slave 1

Amateur – Abusing My Slave 1
As I sit here watching this video of me, I can’t help but feel a sense of power. The power I hold over my slave is intoxicating and the abuse that I unleash upon them is just a small taste of what I am capable of.
In this video, you will witness the full extent of my domination. From the beginning, you will see me ordering my slave to water my face with their spit, a small task to show their subservience. But from there, it quickly escalates to a hefty watering facefuck, pushing my cock deep into their throat. The moans and gasps from my slave only fuel my arousal and I push them further.
But that is not all, as you continue to watch, you will see me take control of every part of my slave’s body. I demand that they service every inch of my macho physique, licking and worshipping me as I see fit. And as if that weren’t enough, I demand that they also attend to my ass, licking and rimming with a passion that only a true submissive can.
As the video goes on, you will see me assert my dominance even further. Facesitting and faceslapping become the norm as I make my slave feel small and insignificant beneath me. But I don’t stop there, no, I also take pleasure in slapping every other part of their body, watching as their skin turns red from my touch.
And of course, no domination would be complete without a good spanking. With each smack, I am reminded of my power and control over my slave, and they are reminded of their place beneath me.
This video is not for the faint of heart. It is a raw and uncensored display of domination and abuse. But for those who have a taste for the darker side of pleasure, it is a must-see. So watch as I unleash my inner domina and take my slave to new levels of submission.

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