Leather Cop Strip Searches & Fucks Burglar – onlymaxdennison

Leather Cop Strip Searches & Fucks Burglar – onlymaxdennison
The sound of a call blaring through the radio jolted Officer James to attention. It was a burglary in progress, and he was the closest unit to respond. With years of experience on the force, James had a keen sense for danger and was prepared for whatever awaited him at the scene.
As he approached the house, he saw a man fumbling with the lock on the front door. Without hesitation, James drew his weapon and approached the suspect, ordering him to freeze. The man turned around, his face contorted with fear as he realized he had been caught in the act.
With one swift motion, James pinned the man against the wall and searched him for any weapons or stolen items. But he was not satisfied with the level of search – there could still be hidden contraband. In a firm voice, he demanded that the man strip down so he could be thoroughly searched.
As the man reluctantly complied, James couldn’t help but notice how tight his ass looked. An idea sparked in his mind – maybe this was the perfect opportunity to teach the thief a lesson.
With a sly grin, James slipped on a pair of rubber gloves and proceeded to perform an anal inspection on the suspect. To his surprise, the man’s ass was exceptionally tight – a tell-tale sign that he might have been engaging in other illegal activities.
Feeling a rush of excitement, James had to decide – should he let the thief go free, take him down to the station, or give him a taste of his own medicine? Without hesitation, he chose the latter, determined to make an example out of the criminal.
As he ravaged the man’s tight ass, James relished in the power he held over the wrongdoer. He wanted to make sure that this man would never forget the consequences of his actions. And as the thief cried out in pain and pleasure, James knew that he had delivered a lesson that would not soon be forgotten.
In the end, the thief was taken down to the station and charged with multiple offenses. But it was the memory of James and his tight ass that would haunt him for years to come. As for James, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction – knowing that he had dealt justice in his own unique way.

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