Film911 – Jackson with Dr. Smith

Film911 – Jackson with Dr. Smith
Jackson was determined to stay in shape, no matter what. As he stood in his living room, sweat glistening on his toned body, he was focused on one thing – his workout. His roommate, who had just entered the room, couldn’t help but admire Jackson’s commitment to looking good.
‘Wow, Jackson, you are really dedicated to your fitness,’ his roommate exclaimed.
Jackson couldn’t help but feel flattered by the compliment and decided to amp up his workout even more, trying to show off his strength and endurance. He did jumping jacks, crunches, and various other exercises, all while his roommate watched in awe.
But as he continued to push himself, he didn’t realize he was overexerting until it was too late. Jackson’s breathing became labored and he began to pant heavily. Suddenly, he was hit with an asthma attack, causing him to struggle for air.
His roommate immediately rushed over, concerned for his friend’s well-being. Jackson tried to assure him that he was fine, but his roommate had experience interning at a hospital and knew what to do. He helped Jackson lie down on the floor and began giving him supporting breaths.
Placing his hand on Jackson’s stomach, his roommate focused on making sure he was getting enough air into his lungs. However, as he massaged his hand around Jackson’s stomach and even started to play with his navel, Jackson gasped in surprise.
‘What are you doing?’ Jackson weakly protested, trying to fight back, but he was too weak to put up a real fight.
The roommate ignored Jackson’s weak protest and pulled up his shirt, exposing his chest. He couldn’t resist the opportunity to touch and rub Jackson’s nipples, sending shivers down his spine. Jackson continued to struggle, but soon his body went limp and he flatlined.
Seizing the opportunity, his roommate dragged him to the bedroom and stripped him down to his underwear. He took pleasure in exploring Jackson’s body, licking his nipples and navel. But eventually, he knew he had to bring him back.
He started performing chest compressions, desperately trying to revive his friend. After several rounds, Jackson’s heart began beating again. As he slowly regained consciousness and asked what had happened, his roommate, now posing as a doctor, explained that he had an asthma attack and had to perform an emergency resuscitation.
Confused and disoriented, Jackson noticed he was in his underwear and demanded to know where his clothes were. The ‘doctor’ brushed off his questions and offered him a chance to participate in some experimental treatments for asthma at his office.
Although completely unaware of the true events that had occurred, Jackson reluctantly agreed and couldn’t shake the unsettling feeling he had about his ‘rescuer.’ Little did he know, his roommate’s actions were far from heroic and would soon evolve into something darker and more twisted.

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