Film911 – Detective Milo

Film911 – Detective Milo
The two officers, Austyn and Quin, continued their search of the room until they stumbled upon a DVD or flash drive on the table. As soon as they saw it, they suspected it contained evidence of Dr. Smith’s victims. Without hesitation, they plugged it into a nearby computer and the screen came to life, showing spirals dancing across its surface.
Curiosity got the best of them and as they stared at the screen, they began to fall into a trance. Little did they know, Dr. Smith, the perpetrator they were after, had returned to the room and was watching them closely. He chuckled as he saw their surroundings and realized that his plan had worked once again.
Looking at the two officers, Dr. Smith couldn’t help but notice how handsome and muscular they were. He felt a thrill of excitement run through him as he contemplated the fun he could have with them. With a smirk on his face, he announced that the officers were now under his complete control, and he would be their master from now on.
Confused and dazed, the officers didn’t know what was happening to them. Dr. Smith explained that he had implanted triggers in their minds that would make them forget about the video and their search for him. They would believe that the search was completed and would sit down for questioning, following whatever commands he gave them.
He then proceeded to reveal the triggers he had planted in their minds. They would not be able to remember their own names, no matter how many times they heard it. Officer Austyn would start picking his nose when he heard the word ‘pick’ and would stop only when Dr. Smith snapped his fingers. Officer Quin would suck his thumb when he heard the word ‘suck’ and would also stop when Dr. Smith snapped his fingers. And whenever they both heard the words ‘strip’ or ‘flex,’ they would mindlessly obey and undress or pose, respectively.
As Dr. Smith finished giving his instructions, he snapped his fingers and the two officers woke up from their trance. They were now under his control and had no recollection of their previous mission. They introduced themselves to Dr. Smith, forgetting their own names as he had predicted. He then proceeded to ask them questions, triggering their responses based on the commands he had implanted in their minds.
The officers were completely unaware of the power Dr. Smith had over them. They couldn’t resist his commands and were completely at his mercy. He had once again outwitted the officers trying to catch him and had turned them into his unwitting pawns.
The room fell into a sinister silence as Dr. Smith looked at the two officers, smiling at his victory. Little did they know, they were now just puppets in his hands, ready to do his bidding at any moment.

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