Film911 – Langley’s Doctor Wants More

Film911 – Langley’s Doctor Wants More
As Langley walked into Dr. Smith’s office, he could hardly bear the intense pain in his muscles. He had been suffering for days and finally decided to seek medical help. Little did Langley know, this visit would turn into a nightmare.
Dr. Smith examined him and could tell right away that Langley’s muscles were tight and tense. ‘Let’s try some curls,’ Dr. Smith suggested, hoping it would provide some relief. Langley eagerly followed the doctor’s instructions, hoping for some sort of relief. But as soon as he finished, Dr. Smith began palpitating his upper body, much to Langley’s surprise.
To his horror, Langley realized that he was suddenly handcuffed to the gurney. He struggled and protested, but to no avail. Dr. Smith had other plans for him.
Langley was soon taken to Dr. Smith’s home, where the situation took an even more sinister turn. As he was strapped to the bed, the doctor’s hands roamed over his body, kissing and fondling his chest and belly. Langley felt violated and helpless, but Dr. Smith’s actions only intensified.
His mind was in a panic as the doctor’s hands roamed lower and soon his clothes were removed. Langley tried to resist, but the restraints were too tight. He begged and pleaded for Dr. Smith to stop, but the doctor seemed to enjoy Langley’s protests.
Against his will, Langley was jerked off to completion, with Dr. Smith reveling in his control and dominance over his patient. Langley couldn’t believe what was happening to him, but the doctor seemed to enjoy every moment of it.
Finally, when it was all over, Langley was left feeling violated and betrayed by the one person he had trusted to provide him with medical care. He left the doctor’s home, shaken and traumatized by the events that had just occurred.
Langley’s experience with Dr. Smith was one he would never forget. It was a reminder that even in the most unsuspecting places, there could be danger lurking. From that day on, Langley never looked at doctors the same way again.

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