Film911 – Milo & Austyn’s Bundle of Joy

Film911 – Milo & Austyn’s Bundle of Joy
Quin and Austyn couldn’t keep their hands off each other during their first date. The chemistry between them was undeniable, and it led them straight to Quin’s place for some more fun. After some passionate kissing and foreplay, Quin suddenly asserts his dominance and pushes Austyn onto the bed.
“Wait, what are you doing? I’m a top!” Austyn insists, surprised by the sudden turn of events.
Quin is equally taken aback. “What? But I’m a top too!” he argues, chuckling at the awkward situation.
They both realize that they have a lot in common, including their sexual preferences. They laugh it off and make a deal to “bottom” for each other, as long as they keep it quick. After all, they are both inexperienced at it. The simulated sex scene is brief, showing both Austyn and Quin taking turns “topping” and “bottoming”, each gritting their teeth in pain when receiving and panting with pleasure when giving.
Four months later, Quin is shown coming out of the shower, rubbing his distended belly in discomfort. Suddenly, he feels the urge to throw up and rushes to the bathroom. As he washes his face, he has a realization that sends his eyes wide open.
“Could I be. pregnant?” he mutters to himself in disbelief. He quickly grabs a pregnancy test from the bathroom drawer and takes it while sitting on the toilet.
At the same time, Austyn is at the doctor’s office, with a belly of his own. He looks down at his stomach in awe as the doctor wipes off the ultrasound gel.
“You’ve got a very healthy baby boy in here, Austyn!” the doctor exclaims, causing Austyn to burst with joy.
Without wasting any time, Austyn decides to call the other father of their child and dials Quin’s number. The screen splits, showing Austyn on one side and Quin on the other.
“Dude!” Quin answers with excitement, happy to hear from Austyn. But before Austyn can share his big news, Quin blurts out, “I have something to tell you.”
With both of their hands on their stomachs, Quin and Austyn simultaneously exclaim, “I’m pregnant!” The realization sinks in, and they both can’t believe their luck.
Austyn explains that he is actually at his first doctor’s appointment and invites Quin to come by the office and get checked out himself. Quin, excited and nervous, agrees to join Austyn in this new journey.
The thought of becoming fathers has never crossed their minds, but life has taken an unexpected turn, and they are ready to embrace it with open arms. Quin and Austyn may have started as just two guys looking for some fun, but their love has grown into something truly special – a family.

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