StraightMeninTrouble – Taught a Lesson

StraightMeninTrouble – Taught a Lesson
The young man, once a rude and disrespectful vandal, now stood before the masked man, his body bared and trembling with fear. The masked man, feeling a surge of dominance and power, couldn’t help but chuckle as he surveyed the puny figure before him. The youth’s eyes were wide with terror, his muscles tense as he awaited the next torment to come. The masked man leaned in closer, his breath hot against the punk’s ear. “You know, I’ve never been so turned on by someone before,” he whispered, his voice low and menacing. “Even with all that disrespect you showed me, there’s just something about you that gets me going.”
As he spoke, the masked man reached out and roughly grasped the punk’s erect cock, giving it a firm squeeze. The youth let out a muffled cry, his body jolting in response. “Oh, you like that, do you?” the masked man taunted, giving the cock another hard yank. “You’re so eager for me, aren’t you?” He continued to toy with the boy’s cock, teasing it with his fingers and causing the youth to writhe in agony and ecstasy.
Finally, the masked man decided to take things to the next level. He pulled out a leather strap and, with a devious grin, wrapped it around the punk’s erect member. The strap bit into the tender flesh, causing the youth to scream into his gag. “That’s it, let it out,” the masked man hissed, enjoying the sound of the boy’s suffering. “Your punishment is just beginning.” With that, he yanked on the strap, pulling the boy off balance and forcing him to stumble forward. The boy’s cock bobbed with each staggering step, the leather strap serving as a cruel reminder of his humiliation.
The masked man led the whimpering youth deeper into the abandoned warehouse, his cock still trapped in the vicious grip of the leather strap. The air grew colder and damper, the sounds of rusty machinery and creaking wood echoing off the dilapidated walls. The masked man’s grip on the boy’s cock tightened, the leather digging painfully into the flesh. “This is where I’m going to teach you a real lesson,” he whispered, his breath hot against the youth’s ear. “And believe me, you’ll never forget it.”

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