Teacher Draven Tutors You in Diapers and Oral – AgePlay247

Teacher Draven Tutors You in Diapers and Oral – AgePlay247
Teacher Mister Draven Navarro is the coolest person I’ve ever met. He’s always been there for me, helping me through my struggles in class, and guiding me towards graduate school. It’s a big deal, and I’m so grateful for his support. When he asked me to get a specific magazine for him, I was more than happy to oblige. As he showed me the articles, his unconventional tutoring methods became even more apparent. I mean, who knew he had such a huge, suckable cock?
He gently touches my leg, telling me to touch it too. My tiny cock immediately becomes hard, and I can’t help but imagine what it would feel like to have that massive thing in my mouth. It’s my fantasy, but how did he know? He whispers something about a spare room being a nursery, and suddenly, the room is transformed. His clothes are tossed aside, and he lays me down on the soft surface. He powders and diapers me, making me feel so warm and protected. It’s like being wrapped up in a warm hug from the coolest teacher ever.
I can’t resist the urge to take that huge cock in my mouth. It’s so suckable, and the pre-cum tastes so good. It makes my asshole tingle, and I know he wants that too. The nursery is the perfect place for this, with all the toys and diapers. He sucks on my tiny cock, making it hard as a rock, and then he pushes it deep inside his ass. It feels so good, so right.
My diaper gets super soggy from all the sucking and playing, and I can feel it starting to chafe my skin. But it doesn’t matter because I’m his Little now, and Littles need diapers. And his cock is the perfect baba, giving me yummy cummies whenever I need them. He inspects my diaper, making sure it’s nice and super soppy, and then he helps me into one of the biggest, most comfortable diapers I’ve ever seen. It feels amazing, and I know I’m his Little now. His Little who needs big, strong arms to hold him, and a big, hard cock to make him feel loved and protected.

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