Leather Boy Gets Beaten and Mummified – Smoke Hunter

Leather Boy Gets Beaten and Mummified – Smoke Hunter
Oliver’s heart pounds as he unlocks his front door, his muscles tensing at the eerie silence that greets him. He drops his bag, a shiver running down his spine as he realizes something is terribly wrong. The TV, usually blaring some mindless reality show, is eerily silent. His skin crawls as he cautiously makes his way through the living room, searching for any sign of intruders.
But it’s too late. They’re already here.
As Oliver rounds the corner into the kitchen, he freezes in shock. Three masked figures stand before him, their menacing grins revealing that they’ve been waiting for him. The intruders move with a sinister fluidity, their every motion practiced and deadly. They don’t need to threaten him; the weapons in their hands speak volumes.
Oliver tries to plead for his life, but the words stick in his throat. The largest of the intruders steps forward, grabbing him roughly by the collar. With a cruel laugh, he tears off Oliver’s favorite leather jacket, revealing his toned chest and abs. The other two follow suit, stripping him of his pants, underwear, and boots. Oliver feels exposed and vulnerable, his body trembling with fear.
But it only gets worse. The largest intruder produces a roll of duct tape, expertly binding Oliver’s arms and legs. As he works, he leers at Oliver, licking his lips in anticipation. Once Oliver is completely immobilized, they begin to wrap him in layers of duct tape, covering his body from head to toe. It’s as if they’re mummifying him.
The other two intruders exchange knowing glances, their eyes burning with a feral light. They close in on Oliver, tearing off their clothes as they advance. Before he can even begin to understand what’s happening, they are pressing their bare skin against his, grinding their hips against him. They moan and growl, their rough hands groping his bound body.
One by one, they take him, brutally thrusting into his ass. Oliver screams and thrashes against his bonds, but it does nothing to stop them. They pound into him relentlessly, their hot cum spilling deep inside him. When they’re finally spent, they step back, breathing heavily, and survey their handiwork.
Oliver lies there, battered and humiliated, his body aching in every conceivable way. As the adrenaline begins to fade, a new wave of terror washes over him. He knows that he won’t survive like this. His cries for help will be muffled by the duct tape, and he’ll slowly suffocate, left here to rot. The intruders, satisfied with their fun, vanish into the night, leaving Oliver to his fate.
It’s only a matter of time before someone finds him. But will it be soon enough?

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