BreederFuckers – Oliver 16 (May 15, 2024)

BreederFuckers – Oliver 16 (May 15, 2024)
Hetero Oliver lies there, completely nude and helpless, his movement restricted to the barest minimum as he’s tied up and secured to a block. His once-powerful frame is now reduced to mere submission, as his arms and legs are stretched wide, leaving him utterly exposed. The tight ropes dig into his skin, holding him in place like a helpless doll. His magnificent, round bum is on full display, begging for attention, while the thick rod between his legs stands at attention, ready for any touch.
It’s both thrilling and arousing to see this straight man in such a vulnerable state. His giant nads dangle precariously, begging to be squeezed or pinched. My friend Dave takes advantage of the situation, roughly grabbing one of Oliver’s nuts and squeezing it hard. The stud’s face contorts in pain, but he doesn’t make a sound. Instead, his body tenses up, and his dick grows harder.
I take my time exploring Oliver’s body, my tongue tracing the line of his spine, teasing his puckered hole. My fingers probe deep inside him, finding his insides soft and yielding. My tongue darts out, licking the salty droplets that gather at the entrance to his ass. It’s almost too much for him to handle.
Dave pushes a vibrator up Oliver’s tight ass, demanding that he fuck himself on it. The vibrations send waves of pleasure coursing through his body, making his muscles quiver and his dick throb. His eyes roll back in his head as he struggles to obey, his face a bright red from the effort. Thick streams of saliva pour from his mouth, mixing with the drool that already coats his chin.
I suck the vibrator clean, relishing the taste of Oliver’s juices on my tongue. Then, I take my time licking and sucking on the head of his dick, teasing the sensitive tip. His hips buck wildly, seeking release, but the ropes hold him fast. I reach up and hook a chain to the ring pierced through his nipple, attaching it to the ceiling. Now, every time he moves, he’ll feel the pain of his own weight pulling on his tender flesh.
Dave produces a cane and proceeds to spank Oliver’s ass, leaving bright red marks across his cheeks. Oliver winces and cries out, but he can’t break free from the restraints. His body shudders with each impact, his muscles tense and relax in rhythm with the blows. It’s both agonizing and arousing to witness.
I reach down and stroke Oliver’s hard cock, my fingers moving in a slow, sensual rhythm. His breath hitches in his throat, and his hips begin to move in time with my hand. The tension building inside him is palpable, and I know he’s close. I lean in and take his leaking dick into my mouth, sucking hard as I feel his balls draw up tight.
With a hoarse cry, Oliver releases his load, his hot cum filling my mouth. I swallow every drop greedily, savoring the taste of him. As he comes down from his high, I reach up and stroke his swollen lips, coaxing him to open his mouth. When he does, I feed him some of his own cum, letting him taste the evidence of his own arousal.
Oliver looks at us, his eyes wide with shock and arousal. He’s still struggling against the ropes, but there’s no denying the pleasure he’s feeling deep down. We’ve taken this strong, straight man and reduced him to a quivering mass of need and desire. And we’re not done with him yet.

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