HardUpStraightGuys – Sage Dildoes and Jerks Himself – Part 1

HardUpStraightGuys – Sage Dildoes and Jerks Himself – Part 1
Sage never imagined himself being the kind of person who would explore his kinky side. At 32 years old, he had always thought of himself as a pretty vanilla guy when it came to his sex life. Sure, he had dabbled with some unconventional activities, but nothing too extreme. For the most part, he was content with just fucking and jerking off.
However, when I met Sage, I knew there was more to him than his clean cut appearance suggested. There was a spark in his eyes, a hint of curiosity and a willingness to try new things. And lucky for him, I was looking for someone just like him – someone who was willing to push their boundaries and try new things, regardless of whether they enjoyed it or not.
As we began to explore each other’s desires, Sage admitted that he had experimented with some ass play before, but had not particularly enjoyed it. I saw that as an opportunity to push him outside of his comfort zone and help him discover something new about himself.
I directed Sage to start by using his finger to fuck his tight, smooth hole. He seemed hesitant at first, but as he began to loosen up and enjoy the sensation, I knew he was ready for the next step. I instructed him to graduate to two dildoes, slowly working his way up in size.
Watching him work to take each dildo, grunting and groaning with pleasure, was incredibly arousing. His body writhed in ecstasy as he stretched himself to accommodate the larger dildo, all while remaining eager and willing to please me. I couldn’t have been more impressed with his commitment and determination.
By the end of our session, Sage had discovered a new side of himself – one that was open to exploring his desires and pushing his limits. As I watched him lying there, spent and satisfied, it was clear that he had enjoyed every moment of our encounter, even if it wasn’t something he would have normally done.
Sage may have started out as just a handsome, clean cut guy with a pretty vanilla sex life, but by being open-minded and willing to try new things, he had transformed into a desirable and intriguing lover. And in that moment, I knew that our future encounters would always be filled with passion and excitement.

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