BoundGods – Lick My Boot – Colt Spence, Sage Roux (Apr 12, 2024)

BoundGods – Lick My Boot – Colt Spence, Sage Roux (Apr 12, 2024)
As Colt Spence lounges on his bondage throne, he watches as his pathetic slave Sage Roux crawls towards him on all fours. With a flick of his crop, Colt demands that Sage lick his boots until they are shining clean. Determined, Sage pushes through the pain and obeys his superior’s commands, knowing that it will please Colt. As Sage licks Colt’s leather boots, Colt can’t help but admire his submissive’s big, tempting ass. Unable to resist, Colt gives it a hard spanking, turning it a bright red.
Feeling increasingly aroused by Sage’s submission, Colt taunts him with his big, hard cock. Enthralled, Sage sniffs and licks the crotch of Colt’s leather pants, eager to please his master. But a simple blow job is not enough to satisfy Colt. No, he has something more degrading in mind for Sage.
With a wicked grin, Colt brings out the Zapper, commanding Sage to humiliate himself even further by licking the bottom of his boot, followed by sucking on his sock and toes. With each perverse command, Colt becomes even more aroused, demanding more and more from his poor little doormat.
Unable to resist, Colt finally gives in to his primal desires, punishing Sage’s naked body with a flogger before giving him another hard spanking. By this point, Sage’s ass is a deep shade of red, but Colt is not finished yet. He shackles Sage to a bondage cross, gagging him before continuing to spank his already tender backside.
But that’s not the end for Sage. Colt has one final punishment in mind – a rope suspension with Sage’s red ass perfectly positioned for Colt’s hard cock. As Colt pounds into him, Sage can’t help but moan in both pleasure and pain.
The longer Colt continues, the more turned on he becomes, using the Zapper to tease and torment Sage before finally reaching his climax and blowing his load all over Sage’s face. Exhausted and spent, Sage hangs limply from his ropes, knowing that he has fulfilled his duty as Colt’s loyal slave.

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