Flash Mind is Controlled – Fer All For Pleasure

Flash Mind is Controlled – Fer All For Pleasure
As Superman effortlessly manipulates Flash’s mind, the once-proud hero is reduced to little more than a zombie, a robot, a chicken, and a dog, all at the whim of his new master. His every move is now directed by Superman’s invisible hand, and he obeys without question. His muscles tense and flex uncontrollably, his beak clucks incessantly, and his paws scrape the ground in submission.
The once-dazzling costume now hangs limply from his frame, the bright colors faded and dull. His eyes, once filled with determination, are now glassy and vacant. He no longer feels the sting of fear or the thrill of heroism, for those emotions have been replaced by a single, consuming desire: to please Superman.
The Man of Steel commands Flash to bark, and he does so without hesitation. The sound is eerie and mechanical, lacking any trace of the fierce loyalty that once defined his canine spirit. He bares his teeth, revealing them to be stained and yellow, as if he’s been reduced to a rabid beast.
Flash’s movements are stiff and robotic, each action choreographed by Superman’s invisible hand. He flexes his muscles, displaying them like trophies for his new master, who seems to relish in the display of raw power. He even extends his arms, offering his armpits and feet to be sniffed and admired. The stench of sweat and fear emanates from these parts, yet Flash remains unfazed, his body betraying no hint of discomfort or shame.
Throughout these degrading scenes, Superman maintains a detached, almost clinical expression on his face. It’s as if he’s observing an experiment gone horribly wrong, or perhaps a lab rat that’s been genetically engineered to serve his every whim. The other heroes look on in horror, unable to comprehend how their former ally has been reduced to such a pathetic state.
The day drags on, each moment more surreal and unbearable than the last. Flash continues to obey Superman’s every command, his mind trapped in an endless loop of servitude and humiliation. As the sun begins to set, casting a warm, orange glow over the city, it seems that even nature itself has turned its back on this twisted spectacle. Watch Flash Mind is Controlled – Fer All For Pleasure now!

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