Film911 – Lance With Dr. Smith
As Lance walked into the exam room for his routine physical, he felt a twinge of unease when he saw Dr. Smith wearing a stern expression. Instead of the typical stethoscope, Dr. Smith was sporting a set of leather cuffs around their neck. The doctor closed the door behind them, locking Lance in the room.
Dr. Smith took Lance’s vitals, listening intently to his heartbeat and palpitating his muscles. After a few moments, they shook their head and made a note on their chart. Without warning, they produced a syringe and injected something into Lance’s arm.
The injection made Lance’s body tingle and go numb. He tried to speak, but his words came out slurred. Suddenly, his heart stopped beating altogether. Dr. Smith leaned over him, pressing their lips to his and breathing life into his lungs. As they worked to revive him, their hand slipped down to stroke his erection through his sweatpants.
Once Lance regained consciousness, he felt strange again. His heart raced and his breathing became labored. Dr. Smith injected more medication into his arm and began pacing his room, trying to stabilize him. But nothing seemed to work. Frustrated, Dr. Smith laid Lance down on the exam table and began stroking his dick, their free hand resting on his chest, feeling for a pulse.
Lance arched his back as pleasure coursed through him. His hips bucked, seeking more contact. The doctor leaned down, taking Lance’s dick in their hand and began stroking in time with their own rhythm. As they worked, their gaze met and held, the connection between them growing stronger. Finally, Lance’s heart began to steady, and his breathing returned to normal.
Dr. Smith removed the cuff from Lance’s wrist and smiled reassuringly. “There you go, Lance. You’re doing great.” They helped him sit up and handed him a glass of water. Lance took a sip, the cool liquid washing away the sweat from his brow. He looked up at Dr. Smith, feeling a newfound appreciation for their unconventional methods. “Thank you,” he whispered. “For everything.”
Dr. Smith smiled, a wicked glint in their eye. “Don’t mention it, Lance. I’m just doing my job.”

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