Film911 – Jonathan the Participant

Film911 – Jonathan the Participant
Jonathan, a soldier on the brink of deployment, arrived at the VA clinic for a routine physical examination with the doctor. As soon as they entered the room, the doctor wasted no time in instructing Jonathan to strip his shirt off and flex his muscles for a thorough examination. Jonathan, with a slight smirk on his face, obliged and flexed his biceps, triceps, and chest with pride.
The doctor’s hands roamed over Jonathan’s muscles, pretending to perform a meaningful examination. But as he continued to touch and feel, his intentions became apparent. He enjoyed the sensation of Jonathan’s strong body under his hands and he wanted more of it.
Feeling a sense of excitement, the doctor informed Jonathan that he was administering a vaccine. Jonathan was asked to close his eyes and relax on the gurney, as the doctor prepared to inject him with the needle. A feeling of drowsiness overtook Jonathan after a few moments and he struggled to stay awake. It was then that the doctor made a shocking confession – the syringe was actually filled with a powerful amnesia serum.
The serum would prevent Jonathan from forming any new memories from the moment of injection, giving the doctor the opportunity to fulfill his desires without any consequences. But Jonathan was not going to let that happen. He tried to get off the gurney and escape, but the doctor was too strong. Every time he attempted to get up, the doctor pushed him back down.
Jonathan’s struggle slowly became sluggish and his arms fell beside him. Soon, he was out cold. With Jonathan asleep on the gurney, the doctor had all the time he needed. He cuddled and embraced Jonathan, manipulating his body into different poses and squeezing his arm and chest muscles.
When Jonathan started to wake up prematurely, the doctor quickly put a mask on his face and knocked him out with sleeping gas. He then resumed worshipping Jonathan’s body, moving him around like a rag doll. He even opened and closed Jonathan’s slack jaw, and raised his arms above his head to kiss his armpits.
As the doctor reveled in his deviant actions, Jonathan’s mind was blank and he had no recollection of what had happened. It was only after he woke up, tired and confused, that he realized something wasn’t right. With a sense of unease, he left the clinic, hoping to never return to that unsettling experience again.

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