Film911 – Jonathan and Mister Latcher

Film911 – Jonathan and Mister Latcher
Welcome, Mr. Latcher. I am Smith, the owner of Rent-a-Swimmer, and I am excited to introduce you to your potential companion for the upcoming billionaires convention in the city. As per your request, I am sending you this video to give you a sneak peek into what Jonathan, our top swimmer, has to offer.
Jonathan, sitting blankly in one of the chairs facing the camera, is ready to fulfill all your desires. With his tranced expression, he greets you with, ‘Hello, Mr. Latcher. I will obey your sexual commands.’ It is clear that he is the perfect choice for your personal entertainment in the evenings.
Now, you might have some questions about Jonathan and his services, and I am here to answer them. The first thing you wanted to know was who he is. Jonathan was the captain of our local university swim team, and his sleek body is a testament to his time spent in the pool. Don’t just take my word for it, Jonathan, show Mr. Latcher your chiseled abs and chest.
[Jonathan lifts his shirt, still in a tranced state, to reveal his toned physique.]
‘Isn’t that a very nice body, Mr. Latcher?’ I reach over to rub Jonathan’s chest, further highlighting his impressive physique.
But Jonathan is more than just a pretty face and a swimmer’s body. He was studying accounting at the university until he came knocking on my door. Jonathan, where are you from originally?
‘I am from Indiana,’ Jonathan replies in his tranced voice, still holding up his shirt.
And before moving here on a swimming scholarship, he had a girlfriend named Kristen. Jonathan, what was the last nice thing you did for her?
‘I bought her flowers and a necklace,’ Jonathan answers obediently, still holding up his shirt.
As you can see, Mr. Latcher, Jonathan is not only physically attractive but also a kind and caring individual. He is ready to cater to your every need and desire, and with his experience as a swimmer, he knows how to please.
Your business associate who recommended us to you has already informed you about the price for an evening with Jonathan. And now that you have seen what he has to offer, I hope you are convinced that he is worth every penny.
So, just sit back, relax, and let Jonathan take care of the rest. I look forward to hearing from you soon and arranging this special evening for you with Jonathan. Thank you for considering Rent-a-Swimmer.

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