Film911 – Antoine Can’t Get to Bed

Film911 – Antoine Can’t Get to Bed
Dr. Smith greeted Antoine with a warm smile as he answered the door. Antoine had been struggling with a problem and had reached out to Dr. Smith for help. He thanked the doctor for replying to his email and for taking the time to see him. Antoine then shared his concerns, explaining that he had seen two doctors already but still couldn’t find a solution. His problem had even started to affect his relationships, with friends and family avoiding him due to his cranky behavior.
Without hesitation, Dr. Smith assured Antoine that he had the perfect cure for his problem. He invited him inside and led him to the living room. As they both sat on the couch, Dr. Smith told Antoine to relax and trust him. Although Antoine was a bit hesitant at first, the doctor’s confident demeanor put him at ease. He sighed and gave Dr. Smith the okay to proceed.
Dr. Smith reached into his pocket and pulled out a pendulum. He started swinging it back and forth in front of Antoine’s eyes, lulling him into a deep state of relaxation. After just five seconds, Antoine’s eyes closed and his head slumped down. Dr. Smith then gave him a command.
‘Any time I snap my fingers, you will be brought to a deeply relaxed state. While in this state, any command I give you will become a part of your psyche. When I snap my fingers again, you will wake up and obey my every request that I have given you while you were in this trance. Even while awake, you will continue to obey me. Do you understand?’ explained Dr. Smith.
Antoine responded with a simple ‘yes, doctor’ as the doctor snapped his fingers. With a nod of approval, Dr. Smith then instructed Antoine to follow him to his bedroom. Without hesitation, Antoine answered with a robotic ‘yes, doctor’ and followed the doctor into his bedroom.
As they entered the room, the doctor snapped his fingers again, bringing Antoine out of his trance-like state. His head rose and his eyes opened, but he was still under the influence of Dr. Smith’s commands. The doctor then led him to the bed and gave him another command.
‘Now, Antoine, lie down and close your eyes. You will fall into a deep, restful sleep. Tomorrow, you will wake up feeling refreshed and your troubles will be gone. Say ‘yes, doctor’ to confirm,’ said Dr. Smith.
Antoine obeyed and fell into a deep sleep. The next morning, he woke up feeling rejuvenated and his problems were a thing of the past. He thanked Dr. Smith for his help and from that day on, he trusted and obeyed the doctor’s every command. This just goes to show the power of the mind and how a little hypnotherapy can work wonders.

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