BrutalTops – Session 686 – Master Aaron and Master Dave

BrutalTops – Session 686 – Master Aaron and Master Dave
In Session 686 of BrutalTops, the notorious Master Aaron and Master Dave are ready to assert their dominance over their pathetic slave. As soon as the slave enters the room, he is greeted with a cruel smirk from the Masters. They know that they hold all the power and the slave is nothing but a mere plaything to them.
Master Aaron, with his chiseled body and piercing eyes, commands the slave to strip down and kneel before them. The slave obeys quickly, knowing that any hint of disobedience would result in severe punishment. Master Dave, with his muscular physique and commanding presence, circles around the slave, sizing him up.
The Masters waste no time in degrading the slave, calling him names and spitting on him. The slave can do nothing but take it all, knowing that he belongs to these men and they can do whatever they want with him.
Once the initial humiliation is over, the Masters proceed to take turns using the slave for their own pleasure. They make him suck on their cocks, taking turns thrusting into his mouth. The slave gags and chokes, but the Masters only find it amusing.
Master Aaron then decides to bend the slave over and fuck him hard. The slave cries out in pain and pleasure, as the Masters take turns violating him. They don’t hold back, enjoying every moment of their power over the helpless slave.
The session continues with the Masters using the slave in various ways, making him their personal toy to play with. Finally, after hours of torture and pleasure, the Masters release the slave. He falls to the ground, drained and broken, knowing that he will do anything for his Masters.
As the Masters leave, they give the slave a final slap and remind him of his place. The slave is left on the floor, covered in sweat and cum, but also with a sense of satisfaction. He knows that he has pleased his Masters and has proven his worth to them.
This is just another ordinary day in the life of Master Aaron and Master Dave, as they continue to exert their dominance and control over their loyal slaves. The power they hold and the pleasure they derive from it is unmatched, and the slaves are happy to submit to their every desire.

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