Film911 – Aaron Gets Duped
As Dr. Smith finished his phone call with the satisfied client, he couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement. The lycra bodysuit and ballgag in his hand seemed to glisten in the dim light of the therapy room, like they were beckoning for their next victim. He smiled warmly at Aaron, his next appointment, who was seated in the chair, his brown eyes wide with anticipation. “Take a seat, Aaron,” he said, his voice steady and reassuring. “Today, we’re going to work on pushing your limits a little further.”
Aaron glanced nervously at the suit and gag on the chair, then back at Dr. Smith. “What’s all this for?” he asked, his voice trembling.
Dr. Smith walked over to the chair and gently laid the suit and gag beside Aaron. “You’ll find out soon enough,” he said with a wink. “But first, let’s get started with your session.” He took his seat across from Aaron and began to speak in soothing tones, guiding Aaron deeper and deeper into a trance.
Aaron’s breathing slowed, his muscles relaxed, and his eyelids grew heavy. The room seemed to fade away, replaced by a warm, comforting darkness. He felt Dr. Smith’s hand on his shoulder, guiding him through the trance. It was almost like floating, weightless and free from worry.
“That’s it, Aaron,” Dr. Smith whispered. “Just let go and trust me.” With each passing moment, Aaron felt more and more disconnected from reality. His conscious mind slipped away, leaving only his subconscious behind. It was then that Dr. Smith made the final move. He produced a small vial of amber liquid and dribbled it onto Aaron’s forehead. The scent of lavender filled the air as the liquid seeped into Aaron’s skin, taking control of his mind.
With Aaron fully under his spell, Dr. Smith stood and carefully lifted the lycra bodysuit and ballgag. He gently forced Aaron’s arms and legs into the suit, zipping it up and buckling the gag in place. As he stepped back to admire his work, a satisfied smile spread across his face. The suit and gag conformed perfectly to Aaron’s body, making him look like a shimmering statue of desire.

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