Devin Franco and Drew Valentino – Time For An Urethral Play

Devin Franco and Drew Valentino – Time For An Urethral Play
As the cool evening air surrounds them, Drew Valentino grinds his hips against Devin Franco, feeling the hardness of the XL dildo stretching and teasing his hairy hole. He grips Devin’s shirt in his fists, their bodies slick with sweat and lube, their breaths heavy and labored. With a slow, deliberate motion, Drew slides the sounding rod deeper into Devin’s piss slit, savoring the feeling of it gliding through the tight folds.
Devin moans, his hips bucking wildly as he takes control of the situation. His free hand grips Drew’s hip tightly, guiding him in a sensual rhythm. The dildo buried deep inside Drew’s ass wiggles with each thrust, teasing his prostate mercilessly. The air is thick with the scent of sweat and lust as they move together, lost in the heat of the moment.
Their bodies become one, their movements fluid and uninhibited. They barely notice the passing of time as they explore each other’s flesh, finding new ways to bring each other pleasure. With every thrust, the dildo and the sounding rod push deeper inside, stretching and filling them in a way that feels both painful and incredibly arousing.
Finally, their bodies arch in unison, their cries of release echoing through the night. Drew feels himself emptying, warm liquid spilling onto their skin, and knows that Devin must be close too. He tightens his grip on Devin’s hips, urging him on as they reach the brink together.
With a final, powerful thrust, Devin releases himself deep inside Drew, his body shuddering with pleasure. The dildo is yanked roughly from Drew’s ass, leaving him breathless and wanting more. But for now, they both collapse onto the soft grass, spent and satisfied. As they catch their breath, Drew can’t help but smile, feeling the warmth of Devin’s skin against his own and the lingering presence of the dildo and sounding rod inside them both.

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