Club Inferno – The Deep Vault Part2 – Drew Sebastian, Axel Abysse

Club Inferno – The Deep Vault Part2 – Drew Sebastian, Axel Abysse
As the Club Inferno vault creaked open, the dimly lit room revealed a chaotic scene. Cum-covered walls and floors, broken furniture, and discarded restraints were all evidence of the wild and debaucherous acts that had taken place. But amidst the wreckage, one figure stood out – nurse Axel Abysse, who was left alone with the horned-up inmate Drew Sebastian.
Eager to satisfy his cravings, Axel wasted no time in inviting Drew to explore his fuck-ready hole. The prisoner’s lips eagerly parted, as Axel’s pierced dick slid between them, the tantalizing sensation driving him wild. As Drew’s tongue expertly teased Axel’s sensitive rim, he couldn’t resist the urge to push himself further. ‘Fuck me,’ moaned Axel, succumbing to the temptation of Drew’s skilled mouth.
But that was only the beginning. Drew’s desires went deeper, and he wasn’t content until he had Axel’s wrecked ass wrapped around his wrist. Pushing past his limits, Axel surrendered to the intense pleasure of being fisted by this insatiable inmate. As Drew’s hand thrust in and out of his gaping hole, Axel couldn’t help but moan uncontrollably, completely lost in the sensation.
With his insatiable appetite satisfied for the moment, Drew craved something more. His big daddy dick pulsing with desire, he thrust himself into Axel’s quivering body, filling him to the brim. As the two men moved in perfect synchronicity, their moans filling the room, the primal energy between them reached a fever pitch.
In the depths of this cum-covered prison, a bond was formed between Axel and Drew. A bond forged through shared desires and a mutual love for intense pleasure. As the Club Inferno vault closed once more, the echoes of their passionate encounter could still be heard, a reminder of the unique and uninhibited experiences that can be found within.

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