DartTechStudio – Tell Me You Want It (Oct 02, 2023)

DartTechStudio – Tell Me You Want It (Oct 02, 2023)
Master James, always one to mix up the routine, decided that Dart_Tech needed a change of scenery. The rusty spring mattress in the shade of a tree seemed like the perfect spot for some fun in the sun. Little did Dart_Tech know, however, that Master James had more than just relaxation on his mind.
As Dart_Tech stretched out on the mattress, Master James casually strolled over, his gaze fixed on the leash and collar in his hand. A wicked grin spread across his face as he secured the metal around Dart_Tech’s wrists. This time, it seemed, there would be no escape from the master’s twisted games.
Next, Master James produced a cattle prod, its prongs gleaming menacingly in the sunlight. He ran the tip of the weapon along Dart_Tech’s exposed skin, chuckling darkly as the smaller man squirmed and whimpered. The prod found purchase on Dart_Tech’s back, and with a sharp crack, Master James sent an electric shock coursing through his body. Dart_Tech’s cries of pain echoed through the trees.
But that was just the beginning. Master James produced another weapon from his mysterious bag of tricks: a cane. He gave Dart_Tech’s bound form a few sharp raps as a warning, then proceeded to unleash a torrent of blows upon his helpless subordinate. Dart_Tech’s body jerked with each impact, tears streaming down his face.
As if all of this weren’t enough, Master James had one more surprise in store for Dart_Tech. He attached a shock collar around the smaller man’s neck, the remote control clutched firmly in his hand. With a mischievous glint in his eye, he flicked the switch, sending an electric jolt through Dart_Tech’s system. The smaller man convulsed violently, his screams filling the air.
Throughout it all, Master James maintained his calm demeanor, relishing in the control he had over Dart_Tech’s suffering. He seemed to take pleasure in watching the younger man squirm and beg for mercy, the fight slowly draining out of him as he succumbed to the inescapable pain. It was a beautiful day outside, after all.

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