DartTechStudio – Are You A Smart Boy (Oct 16, 2023)

DartTechStudio – Are You A Smart Boy (Oct 16, 2023)
The anticipation is palpable as Dart_Tech and Haskell Holland prepare for their most intellectually challenging match yet. Dart has always admired Haskell’s quick wit and extensive knowledge, but today he aims to put those talents to the ultimate test.
Haskell, clad in nothing but a tight pair of black underwear, is strapped tightly to a bondage cross in the center of the room. His genitals are wired up to the X1 Scream Labs box, ready to receive a series of shocks with each incorrect answer. Dart, wearing a confident grin, stands nearby, flipping through a thick binder filled with trivia questions.
“Are you ready to find out how smart you really are, Haskell?” Dart taunts, his voice laced with mischief. Haskell nods, sweat already beginning to bead on his brow. He knows that each incorrect answer will result in an electrical shock powerful enough to make him writhe in pain.
Dart begins to read aloud from the trivia questions, his voice steady and confident. The first few questions are easy enough for Haskell, but as they progress, the topics become more obscure and the stakes grow higher. With each wrong answer, Dart turns up the dial on the box, sending another jolt of pain through Haskell’s most sensitive areas.
Haskell’s breath comes in ragged gasps, his muscles tensing as he braces himself for the next shock. His mind races, desperately trying to recall the answers he learned in school or from countless hours of trivia games. But today, Dart’s intellect proves to be too much for Haskell to handle.
As the minutes tick by, Haskell’s face turns crimson from exertion and humiliation. His body convulses with each shock, and his cries of pain echo through the room. It’s clear that he’s reaching his limit, and soon he’ll be unable to answer any more questions correctly.
Finally, after what seems like an eternity, Dart calls an end to the game. He unclasps Haskell from the bondage cross, helping him to the floor where he collapses, gasping for air and nursing his battered body.
“Well, Haskell,” Dart says with a smirk, “I think it’s safe to say that you’re not as smart as you thought you were. But hey, at least you

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