DartTechStudio – Sacked Pleasured And Left (Apr 01, 2024)

DartTechStudio – Sacked Pleasured And Left (Apr 01, 2024)
As Dart_Tech laid helplessly on the medical gurney, their world went black. They could only hear the steady hum of the ventilator keeping them alive. It was unnerving, like being trapped in a nightmare from which they couldn’t wake. Just when they thought things couldn’t get any stranger, a figure clad in leather and latex appeared before them, a sinister grin etched across their masked face.
The dom brandished a Hitachi, a powerful vibrator that could send shockwaves through Dart_Tech’s entire body. Without warning, they turned it on, and the buzzing grew louder, more intense with each passing second. Dart_Tech’s muscles tensed, their mind racing with a mix of fear and arousal. They couldn’t move, couldn’t escape the relentless onslaught of pleasure-pain.
The dom expertly worked the vibrator against Dart_Tech’s most sensitive areas, driving them closer and closer to the brink of orgasm. Their breath hitched in their throat, their fists clenched and unclenched spasmodically as they fought against the building pressure. It was exquisite torture, and Dart_Tech couldn’t help but revel in it.
Finally, as their body arched and convulsed in ecstasy, the dom abruptly cut off the vibrator. Dart_Tech collapsed back onto the gurney, panting and spent. The dom leaned in, their voice a low, menacing growl through the gas mask. “You did well, slave. But know this: this is just the beginning. I’ll be back for more. And when I do, you’ll be ready to please me even more than you did today.”
With those chilling words, the dom disappeared, leaving Dart_Tech alone once again with their racing thoughts and the echoes of their orgasm. The Hitachi was left on the gurney, a taunting reminder of what they had just experienced and what was yet to come. As the gas mask hissed, Dart_Tech could only wonder when their next encounter with the mysterious dom would be.

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