DartTechStudio – Feel The Weight (Apr 15, 2024)

DartTechStudio – Feel The Weight (Apr 15, 2024)
The weight of bondage can be felt in so many different ways, and our mystery guest here is experiencing one of the more unique methods. Dart_Tech has expertly secured him in a tight straightjacket, encased him in a dry suit, and then added a heavy bullet proof vest underneath. To top it all off, he’s got lead-shot leg weights locked onto his ankles, weighing in at a whopping 200 pounds. The combined weight makes it impossible for him to even sit up or kick, leaving him completely helpless and immobile.
As Dart_Tech finishes securing their guest, he can’t help but marvel at the effectiveness of this particular bondage technique. The sheer weight of the vest and leg weights alone are enough to make anyone feel trapped, but when you add in the fact that they’re locked into the straightjacket and dry suit… it’s nothing short of overwhelming. Dart_Tech can’t help but wonder what kind of a masochist would enjoy being subjected to such a brutal form of bondage.
With the guest secure, Dart_Tech begins to contemplate what sort of tests he could run next. One idea that comes to mind is a sensory deprivation experiment. He could blindfold and gag the guest, leaving them completely cut off from the outside world except for the feel of the heavy weight holding them down. Or perhaps he could take it one step further and see how long it takes for the guest to tire out underwater, wearing a SCUBA suit and all that extra weight. The possibilities seem endless, and Dart_Tech can’t wait to push his new plaything to the limits. Watch this fantastic video now!

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