DartTechStudio – Get Used To That (Sep 25, 2023)

DartTechStudio – Get Used To That (Sep 25, 2023)
In a room lit only by the harsh glare of fluorescent lights, the air thick with anticipation and desire, Dart_Tech and Thorben once again find themselves locked in a battle of wills. This time, however, the stakes are higher than ever before. Thorben is chained to the wall, his massive frame bound and exposed, leaving him nowhere to hide from Dart’s relentless onslaught of sensual torment.
As the scene unfolds, Dart wastes no time in powering up the trusty ScreamLabs X1 box, the familiar hum of electricity filling the room. He fastens an electro buttplug to Thorben’s tight ass, the cold metal pressing against his puckered hole. Next, he secures an electro cock ring around Thorben’s throbbing erection, the metal grate biting into his sensitive flesh. Finally, he attaches pads to Thorben’s chest and nipples, completing the circuit.
With a flick of a switch, Dart sends a jolt of electricity through Thorben’s body, making him cry out muffled screams into the gag stuffed deep into his mouth. His muscles tense and convulse under Dart’s skilled hands, his cock twitching in response to the electrical stimulation. Despite being bound and gagged, there’s no denying that Thorben is still fully aroused, eager for more.
Not one to disappoint, Dart takes things up a notch by introducing some EMS fun. He attaches electrodes to Thorben’s chest and abdomen, sending waves of pulsating sensations through his body. Thorben’s breath comes in ragged gasps as his muscles spasm uncontrollably beneath Dart’s touch.
The intensity of the scene is palpable, the air thick with the heady mixture of desire and pain. As Dart continues to push Thorben’s limits, it becomes clear that there may be no turning back. With each passing moment, the line between pleasure and pain blurs further, until it’s impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins.

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