DartTechStudio – Fucked Like A Horse (Apr 29, 2024)

DartTechStudio – Fucked Like A Horse (Apr 29, 2024)
After months of anticipation, Dart_Tech and Thorben finally reunited for an evening of kinky fun and new gear exploration. Thorben, a self-proclaimed painslut with an insatiable appetite for electro, was in for a treat. With the help of Dart and the expertise of SFDom, they crafted an elaborate setup that would push Thorben’s limits to the brink.
The scene began with Thorben securely mummified onto a sex swing, his body perfectly exposed and vulnerable. Dart expertly placed electro pads strategically across his chest, groin, and nipples, while SFDom attached an Estim cock ring and a bumpy dildo to Thorben’s ass. As if that weren’t enough, Dart surprised everyone by revealing a massive stallion’s dildo, which he slowly slid into Thorben’s eager hole. The groans of pleasure were almost drowned out by the sounds of heavy breathing as Thorben struggled against his restraints.
The real fun began when Dart activated the fucking machine, synchronizing its thrusts with the rhythmic pulses of electricity coursing through Thorben’s body. The combination was too much for Thorben to handle; he let out a primal scream as his body convulsed with orgasm after orgasm. Desperate for more, Dart added a gasmask hose with a breath restrictor valve, cranking up the intensity of the electro even further. Thorben’s cries of pleasure became desperate gasps for air, and his body was pushed to its very limits.
Finally, exhausted but satisfied, they removed the mummification and helped Thorben regain his composure. He lay there, panting heavily, his body still tingling from the aftereffects of the intense session. As they shared a moment of post-orgasmic bliss, they couldn’t help but marvel at the incredible chemistry they shared and the unique ways they found to explore their kinks together. It was a night they would never forget, and one that solidified their status as one of the hottest power trios in the scene.

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