Club Inferno – ASS Invaders – Wrex Wylde Fists Archer Croft & Brock Kniles

Club Inferno – ASS Invaders – Wrex Wylde Fists Archer Croft & Brock Kniles
The night was dark and quiet, the stars twinkling above, as two men were discovered in the middle of an abandoned field. They were Andrew Foenix and WreX Wylde, and they were the latest victims of an alien abduction. The government had been alerted to their presence and it was all hands on deck to ensure their safety.
Dominic Pacifico and Apollo Fates, two elite medical professionals, were called in for emergency decontamination. They suited up in their gear, ready to face whatever otherworldly threat may have taken hold of the two men. They were determined to rid their bodies of any foreign objects or creatures.
As they examined the men’s bodies, they were shocked to find that both Andrew and WreX had been implanted with strange eggs by the alien beings. The two doctors were quick to act, using their fists to extract the tentacle-like creatures that had taken over their insides.
Andrew, relieved to be free of the creature, then became the one responsible for examining the doctors’ bodies. The fear of being exposed to spores from the invasive aliens was real, and Andrew checked every inch of their bodies for any signs of contamination.
Meanwhile, medics ArcherCroft and Brock Kniles were hard at work exterminating any potential creatures living inside WreX. With his hole gaping, the doctors fist him at the same time, determined to rid his body of any traces of the aliens.
After WreX is successfully cleared, Dr. Croftt goes the extra mile and uses his tongue to check for any hidden eggs in the patient’s rosebud. The doctors are then brought to the same examination room, where they are tasked with fisting each other to ensure they are not carriers of the alien lifeforms.
On a mission to prevent these aliens from proliferating, the doctors were willing to stop at nothing to ensure the safety of not only their patients but also the entire planet. They were determined to eradicate the ‘Ass Invaders’ and put an end to their invasion once and for all.
As the night drew on, the men worked tirelessly, determined to eliminate any traces of the alien threat. In the end, their efforts were successful, and Earth was saved from yet another invasion. The doctors may have gone through a unique and bizarre experience, but they had proven themselves as true heroes in the face of danger.

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