BreederFuckers Extreme – Alec

BreederFuckers Extreme – Alec
Leckx, our latest recruit, is about to go through the final initiation process into our premiership rugby club. Like all new members, he must undergo a medical examination. However, this is not your typical doctor’s visit. As we enter the room, Leckx starts to feel uneasy. Why are we paying more attention to his private parts than his muscles? Little does he know, this is only the beginning of his ordeal.
Without warning, we handcuff and tie him to the table, rendering him completely helpless. Leckx struggles to break free, but it’s futile. He is at our mercy. Suddenly, a sharp and searing pain hits his backside. It’s my cane. I begin to whip him, each stroke harder and more painful than the last. Leckx buckles and writhes in agony, but we show no mercy. The power trip and sadism of tormenting this innocent straight lad is making our cocks hard.
As Leckx’s screams of pain turn to moans of pleasure, Rick pries open his mouth for Stan to shove his dick into. Meanwhile, I spread Leckx’s sore cheeks and thrust my throbbing erection into his virgin backside. We take turns pounding him, his cries muffled by the cock in his mouth. Leckx struggles and tries to resist, but Rick and Nigel hold his head firmly in place, ensuring his obedience to our every whim.
We swap positions, and Stan takes his turn penetrating Leckx while I demand pleasure from his mouth. No matter how much he tries to resist, Rick and Nigel make sure he complies with our desires, making him lick and worship our cocks. As he cringes in disgust and humiliation, Nigel ejaculates all over his striped backside, paving the way for Stan to take his place.
With each thrust, Stan unleashes a new level of debauchery. We are now embracing our darkest desires, using Leckx as our plaything. As he helplessly takes a fucking from the three of us, Stan tops it off by urinating all over him, solidifying our dominance over him.
Leckx’s initiation into our rugby club comes to an end, but his ordeal has only just begun. As we release him from his restraints, we welcome him to our brotherhood, knowing that we have truly broken him. And for us, that brings the ultimate pleasure.

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