BreederFuckers Extreme – Aiden

BreederFuckers Extreme – Aiden
As we entered the dimly lit room, we were met with the distinct aroma of sex and cigarettes. The sign on the door read ‘Gigolos R Us’, and we knew we had come to the right place. Our intentions were clear – to hire one of these stuck-up, entitled boys for an hour of pleasure. We scanned the room, searching for the perfect candidate to fulfill our desires.
And then we saw him – Aiden. Tall, dark, and handsome – just as we had requested. But there was something about him that rubbed us the wrong way. He was too cocky, too arrogant. But we decided to give him a chance anyway, after all, we were paying for it.
Aiden’s smug expression immediately turned to confusion when he saw us. ‘What the hell are you two doing here?’ he asked, clearly annoyed that we had interrupted his phone scrolling session. ‘Where are your wives? Are they gonna join us?’ he added with a smirk.
Without a word, we grabbed him and tied him to the bed. We could see the fear in his eyes, but we didn’t care. He was here to serve us, and we weren’t going to let him get away with his snarky attitude. We stripped him down, leaving him completely vulnerable and exposed.
As we took turns ravishing him, we couldn’t help but notice the tears streaming down Aiden’s face. Despite his bravado, he was just a scared little boy. But we didn’t stop. In fact, we relished in the fact that we were causing him pain. After all, he had it coming.
It wasn’t until his tears turned into uncontrollable sobs that it hit him – this was really happening. He was at the mercy of two strangers, and there was nothing he could do about it. And for once, he couldn’t use his charm or his good looks to get himself out of a sticky situation.
As we finished and left the room, we couldn’t help but feel satisfied. No longer was Aiden the entitled little fucker that he thought he was. He had been humbled by our actions, and perhaps he would think twice before treating someone else with the same disrespect. Needless to say, the hour with Aiden was certainly an experience to remember – for both us and him.

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