BoundGods – Testing the Water: Christian Wilde and Michael Jackman (Feb 16, 2024)

BoundGods – Testing the Water: Christian Wilde and Michael Jackman (Feb 16, 2024)
Michael Jackman had always been curious about being a sub, and when the opportunity arose to try it out on Bound Gods, he couldn’t resist. He was even more excited when he found out that Christian Wilde would be his dom for the night. It was the perfect pairing for his first experience.
As soon as Michael arrived on set, he was blindfolded and tied to the wall, eagerly waiting for Christian to enter. A shiver of anticipation ran down his spine as he heard Christian’s footsteps approaching. He felt a hand stroking his naked torso and heard Christian’s voice asking if he was ready to submit. Without hesitation, Michael eagerly replied, ‘Yes, sir!’
Christian wasted no time in making sure that Michael was fully under his control. He began by smacking Michael’s smooth and flat stomach with a gloved hand, the sensation causing Michael’s belly to turn a deep shade of red. After a few more strokes, Christian reached for the flogger, giving Michael gentle strokes across his chest, stomach, and legs. But as the heat turned up, so did Christian’s authority. With each lash of the flogger, Michael could feel himself sinking deeper into submission.
But Christian was not satisfied yet. He grabbed a leather paddle, working on Michael’s stomach until the helpless sub’s skin glowed bright red. And when he was done, Christian tied Michael’s arms behind his back and turned his attention to his ass and pink, puckered asshole. As Christian paddled and rimmed him, Michael’s face was a mix of shock and ecstasy, completely at the mercy of his dom’s skilled hands.
But there was more in store for Michael. Christian flipped him onto his back and gave his belly a few more smacks with a riding crop before slowly sliding his perfect cock into Michael’s waiting ass. The feeling of Christian fucking him long and hard was overwhelming, and Michael could only watch as his dom took complete control.
Finally, after bringing Michael to the brink of pleasure and submission, Christian granted him release. As he came all over his perfectly toned stomach, Michael couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction and pride in himself for enduring such an intense experience.
As the session came to an end, Christian admired his handiwork and asked Michael, ‘Quite the journey, huh boy?’ And just as obediently as he had throughout the entire experience, Michael replied, ‘Yes, sir!’ It was a night that Michael would never forget, and one that he found himself eager to repeat in the future.

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