StraightMenInTrouble – Business Trip Terror – Part 2

StraightMenInTrouble – Business Trip Terror – Part 2
As the masked man continued to stroke his cock, the businessman felt a strange mix of disgust and arousal course through his veins. He tried to resist the sensations, but his body betrayed him, responding to the touch with an intense surge of desire. His cock hardened beneath the masked man’s skilled hands, and he could feel the familiar tugging and throbbing that signaled his imminent release.
Despite his best efforts to remain in control, the businessman’s orgasm was inevitable. He couldn’t help but let out a shuddering moan as hot, sticky cum erupted from his cock, spilling onto the cold, hard floor beneath them. The masked man didn’t seem to mind, continuing to stroke and massage his cock until every last drop had been released.
The businessman’s body shuddered with the force of his orgasm, and he let out a long, ragged breath, feeling drained and exposed in every sense. But as the masked man finally stepped back, he couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of accomplishment. He’d been humiliated and violated in ways he’d never imagined, but somehow, deep down, he knew that this experience had changed him. It had awakened something inside him that he’d never known was there.
The masked man smiled, revealing his identity to be none other than the businessman’s own wife. She’d planned this whole thing as a way to teach him a lesson about his infidelity. As she watched him try to process what had just happened, she couldn’t help but feel a twisted sense of satisfaction. Maybe now, he’d finally understand the depths of her hurt and betrayal. Watch StraightMenInTrouble – Business Trip Terror – Part 2 now!

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