Straight Felon Decides To Turn Himself As My Slave – Street Taken

Straight Felon Decides To Turn Himself As My Slave – Street Taken
Once a man accustomed to constant confinement, he now found himself eagerly embracing his role as a willing servant for a single night. His past life, marked by the cold steel of handcuffs and the stern gaze of authority figures, had honed his instincts to an almost unparalleled degree of obedience. Stripping away his garments without hesitation, he revealed a physique that was a testament to discipline and restraint. His eyes remained focused on me, his master for this fleeting evening, as I instructed him to place his hands behind his head, exposing the firm lines of his torso and the taut muscles of his arms.
With a silent nod of acceptance, he shifted his stance, placing his hands behind his back in a gesture that was both submissive and erotic. His anticipation grew palpable as I approached him, the handcuffs glinting in the dim light. He offered no resistance, allowing me to secure them snugly around his wrists, ensuring that he was utterly at my mercy. The sound of the lock clicking into place seemed to echo through the room, a symbol of his complete surrender.
“Open your mouth,” I whispered, a mischievous smile playing on my lips as I watched his Adam’s apple bob in compliance. His eyes remained tightly shut as I stepped closer, his trust in me unwavering. “And now, close your eyes,” I added, my voice a siren’s call to his obedience.
The power dynamic between us was intoxicating, a dance of dominance and submission that we both reveled in. He was a beautiful creature, his long, rigid member standing proudly as a declaration of his arousal. His scrotum, rugged and masculine, hung heavy with desire, a sight that made me ache with need.
Taking a moment to appreciate the control I held over him, I decided to push the boundaries further. “Get on your knees,” I demanded, watching as he gracefully lowered himself to the floor. “Take off my boots,” I continued, extending one foot towards him. Without missing a beat, he took my boot in his bound hands, his breath hot against the leather as he worked it off with surprising dexterity.
This man, once constrained by duty and regulation, was now a canvas for my whims, a toy to be played with and enjoyed. The experience of ordering him around, watching him obey without question, was a thrill that surpassed any physical pleasure. His submission was a symphony of silent consent, a ballet of power and passion that played out before me.
But the ultimate crescendo was yet to come. As I edged him closer and closer to the brink of ecstasy, I knew that the culmination of this night would be an explosion of pleasure and release, a testament to the power of our unspoken agreement. His body was a masterpiece of submission, and I was the artist orchestrating his every move, his every sensation. The handcuffs that once symbolized his past now became a tool of our shared desire, a bond that bound us together in a dance of erotic power.

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