Str8crushfeet – Karate Joel and Steve – Wide Masculine Soles and Dick Feeding

Str8crushfeet – Karate Joel and Steve – Wide Masculine Soles and Dick Feeding
Steve was determined to become a well-rounded martial artist. He may have lacked experience, but he was eager to learn from his more seasoned training partner, Joel. Together, they made a formidable duo, pushing each other to new limits. However, their training was incomplete without a practice dummy. As always, poor Patrick found himself in the unenviable role of the dummy.
The feminine boy winced as his face became the target of their kicks. It was part of the training, and he knew it. In between kicks, they even used his mouth to clean the dirt from their feet. In the heat of the moment, the training made them all a little horny. Once the kicks were done, it was time for some grappling. They wrestled each other to the ground, their bodies tangled in a testament to their strength and agility.
Eventually, they found themselves in a submission hold. Joel had Steve in a tight grip, his strong arms pinning Steve’s arms to the mat. As they struggled, Joel leaned in, his lips brushing against Steve’s ear. “Remember, the strong do what they want with the weak,” he whispered, his breath hot against Steve’s skin. There was a dark undertone to his voice that sent a shiver down Steve’s spine.
The two men locked eyes, and for a brief moment, Steve could see the dominance and power that Joel held over him. It was both thrilling and terrifying. With a final thrust of his hips, Joel ground his erect penis against Steve’s stomach. The feeling of being so completely dominated and helpless made Steve’s heart race. He couldn’t help but wonder if this was what true karate was all about: learning to submit to the will of the stronger man.

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