Shy Straight Man Being Shaved And Dominated – Street Taken

Shy Straight Man Being Shaved And Dominated – Street Taken
As he consented to serve as my slave for an unforgettable night, curiosity about his grooming habits piqued my interest. “So, are you a shaved boy?” I inquired, eager to explore his boundaries. His reply was both surprising and exciting; he confessed that he had never experienced the sensation of a clean shave before. “Tonight will indeed be a first for you!” I exclaimed, my voice filled with a mix of amusement and anticipation.
Without further ado, he was secured with soft, yet firm restraints, ensuring his vulnerability and compliance. The blindfold that followed heightened his other senses, leaving him to rely on my instructions and touch. The initial brush of the shaving cream against his skin was met with a slight tremble, the coolness a stark contrast to the warmth of his body. His untouched, prickly manhood was a canvas of virgin territory, and I approached it with the meticulousness of an artist about to create a masterpiece.
The shaving process began, my steady hand guiding the razor with precision. The sound of the blade gliding over his skin was rhythmic, almost soothing, and I could feel his tension build with every stroke. His breath grew shallow and his body tightened as the first layer of hair fell away, revealing the smoothness beneath. The sensation was as exhilarating for him as it was for me, watching his reactions and feeling his body respond to the novel experience.
Once his shaving was complete, I couldn’t resist the urge to explore his now-bare flesh further. I started to masturbate him, my hand moving with confidence and skill. His moans grew louder, echoing through the quiet room, a testament to the intensity of his pleasure. Each caress and stroke brought him closer to the edge, and his bound form quivered with anticipation.
The evening unfolded with a symphony of sensations, as we ventured into new territories of intimacy and power exchange. His inexperience only served to intensify the moment, making it all the more remarkable and memorable. The bond we shared grew stronger as he trusted me to guide him through this uncharted territory, and the connection between us was palpable.
The combination of his initial apprehension and eventual surrender created an electric atmosphere, one that was charged with desire and a thrilling sense of the unknown. It was a night of discovery, not just for him, but for both of us, as we pushed the boundaries of our desires and expectations. The act of shaving him was merely the beginning of an evening filled with surprises and delightful firsts, setting the stage for a deeply authentic and unforgettable experience.

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