PSM Tickling Network – Sucking on an Android’s Toes

PSM Tickling Network – Sucking on an Android’s Toes
Matteo couldn’t believe what he had just received. As he stood at the entrance of his apartment, he couldn’t contain his excitement as he gazed upon the huge, heavy carton box. It wasn’t just any ordinary delivery, but something he had been eagerly waiting for. With trembling hands, he opened the box and there it was, a humanoid robot with the face and body of their model Marc.
The android was lifelike, with socked feet poking out from the crate as Matteo lifted it onto the floor. With bated breath, he removed the robot’s socks, revealing its beautiful, perfectly sculpted feet. The machine immediately woke up, ready to follow Matteo’s commands.
Matteo wasted no time in making the android sit on the sofa. He was thrilled to have a personal android companion at his beck and call. With a mischievous twinkle in his eye, he started worshipping its feet – something the robot probably wasn’t designed for. But it couldn’t resist, and with each command from Matteo, it obediently replied with a ‘Yes Sir’.
The cool sensation of the android’s feet on his tongue was sending shivers of pleasure down Matteo’s spine. He poured a generous amount of honey on the robot’s feet and savored the sweetness as he licked its soles. The android lay on the sofa with its feet resting on the armrest, allowing Matteo to continue his indulgences.
But Matteo’s desires didn’t stop there. He got on the sofa and lay beneath the robot’s feet, passionately licking and nibbling on its toes. The android, with its perfectly crafted feet, seemed to be made for this very purpose – to fulfill Matteo’s foot fetish fantasies.
Finally, Matteo lay down beside the robot and gestured for it to trample his face with its feet. As he passionately licked the android’s feet, he couldn’t help but wonder if this was the robot’s destiny all along – to fulfill all his foot fetish desires.
As the day passed by, Matteo and his new android slave spent hours together, indulging in each other’s desires. Matteo couldn’t be happier with his new companion, who obeyed his every command with a simple ‘Yes Sir’.

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