OnlyNavelFans – Tickling Michael 2

OnlyNavelFans – Tickling Michael 2
As we gathered around Michael, I could see the determination in Alex’s eyes. They had volunteered to be the one to hold Michael down while we tickled him, hoping to provoke a tantrum worthy of the missing “Tickling Michael 2.” We tied up Michael’s arms and legs securely, leaving him vulnerable and squirming on the floor.
“Okay, Michael,” I said, trying to sound reassuring despite the mischievous glint in my eye. “We’re just going to tickle you for a bit, and see how you handle it. You’ve gotten pretty good at breaking free, but I think this time might be different.”
Michael looked up at me, his eyes narrowing. “I’m not gonna let you do this,” he muttered through gritted teeth.
“Oh, really?” I challenged, leaning down close to his ear. “Because last time, you begged us to stop. I wonder what’ll happen this time?”
With that, I began tickling Michael’s sides, right where he was most sensitive. He let out a yelp and bucked wildly against Alex’s grip, but they held firm. I tickled harder, my fingers moving faster and faster, eliciting hoarse gasps and desperate thrashing from our captive victim.
“He’s not breaking free this time,” Alex laughed, piling on with tickles of their own. “He’s struggling too hard!”
Sure enough, Michael’s face turned red, his body went limp, and his breath came in ragged gasps. It was clear he’d reached his limit. We took a step back, grinning triumphantly as we witnessed the satisfying spectacle before us.
“That’s my boy,” I said, patting him on the back. “Now we’ve got the missing part of our video. ‘Tickling Michael 2: The Tantrum’ it is!”

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