Nathan O’Reilly is My Bitch Now – Part 2 – HardUpStraightGuys (Jan 19, 2024)

Nathan O’Reilly is My Bitch Now – Part 2 – HardUpStraightGuys (Jan 19, 2024)
Nathan lay on the table, his body tense from the after-effects of the cleansing enema. He knew what was coming next as he raised his legs in the air, assuming a position that made him feel vulnerable and exposed. But he trusted me, his partner, and knew that what was to come was for his own good.
I slowly inserted my finger into his ass, watching as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. I could feel the muscles tense and then relax as I slowly moved my finger in and out, preparing him for what was to come.
I reached for the dildos, picking one that was not too big but would still bring pleasure. With one hand inside him, I used the other to slowly insert the toy. Nathan let out a soft moan, a mixture of pleasure and a hint of discomfort.
But I didn’t stop there. With each thrust of the dildo, I used my other hand to stroke Nathan’s hard cock. He was close to the edge, but I knew his game all too well. Nathan knew that with me, he wouldn’t be able to release his load unless he had something filling his ass.
And so, I continued to fuck him with my fingers and the dildo, increasing the pace and depth as I brought him closer and closer to the edge. Nathan’s body trembled with pleasure, his moans growing louder.
I could feel my own arousal building as I watched Nathan lose himself in the sensations. I wanted to give him the ultimate pleasure, and I knew exactly how to do it.
Just as he was about to reach his climax, I removed the toy and my finger, leaving him with that intense feeling of emptiness. With a quick tug on his cock, he released his load all over himself, a look of relief and satisfaction on his face.
I smiled, knowing that it was a job well done. As Nathan lay panting on the table, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in creating such intense and unique experiences for us both. Nathan knew that with me, he would always leave feeling completely fulfilled and satisfied.

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