MenOnEdge – Jail Break – Carter Collins, Johnny Donovan, Van Darkholme (Jun 14, 2024)

MenOnEdge – Jail Break – Carter Collins, Johnny Donovan, Van Darkholme (Jun 14, 2024)
As the early morning light filtered through the barred windows of the county jail, Officer Johnny Donovan prepared for another routine shift. He stretched his muscular frame, adjusting his belt and badge with a confident swagger. Little did he know that today would be anything but routine.
Carter Collins, a notorious inmate with a penchant for causing trouble, had been awaiting the arrival of his accomplice Van Darkholme. The moment Van stepped into the cell block, their eyes met and they began to concoct their plan. Carter casually strolled over to the cell where Officer Donovan was stationed, feigning innocence.
“Morning, officer,” he said with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “Here to visit someone?”
Officer Donovan nodded curtly, his suspicions aroused but unsure of how to proceed. Before he could react, Van distracted him with some small talk, while Carter quickly and silently disabled him. In an instant, he was handcuffed to the cell bars, blindfolded, and at the mercy of the two men.
Carter began by running his rough, calloused hands over Officer Donovan’s muscular legs and groin, eliciting a shiver of fear and arousal. He could feel the other man’s body tense beneath his touch as he slowly undressed him. Despite being overpowered and humiliated, there was something about Carter’s touch that made Donovan’s cock throb with need.
Suddenly, Carter’s lips were wrapped around his cock, sucking him deep into his mouth. The sensation was intense, sending shockwaves of pleasure through his body. As Carter worked his mouth over Donovan’s throbbing shaft, Van busied himself with binding his arms and legs, immobilizing him in preparation for the day’s activities.
The next few hours were a whirlwind of sensations for Officer Johnny Donovan. He was subjected to rope bondage, vibrators, nipple clamps, and even a dick-on-a-stick. Carter and Van took turns tormenting him with their touch, their mouths, and their hands. Despite the humiliation and pain, Donovan couldn’t deny the growing ache in his groin as he felt the pleasure coursing through his body.
Finally, the day came to an end. His body aching and his spirit broken, Officer Johnny Donovan lay there, bound and exhausted. As he drifted off to sleep, he couldn’t help but wonder what tomorrow would bring. The thought both terrified and aroused him in equal measure.
Their plan was to break him. It seemed like they were well on their way. But deep down, he knew that somewhere inside him, there was still a spark of defiance, a spark of pride. And he swore that he wouldn’t let them take that from him. Not without a fight.

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