Film911 – Brian Bonds with Dr. Smith

Film911 – Brian Bonds with Dr. Smith
Brian’s heart races as he strides into the audition room for Film 911, his dream project. He’s greeted by the sharp-eyed director, Jay, who wastes no time diving into a round of questions about his background and skills. The tension in the room is palpable as Jay then surprises him with a request to perform a short scene with Mason, a fellow auditionee. Nervously, Brian nods his consent, and the scene is quickly set.
“Action!” Jay barks, and without warning, Mason’s hands clamp around his throat. The choke is intense, more realistic than any stage combat Brian’s ever experienced. Panic floods his eyes as he fights for breath, his body thrashing in a desperate dance of survival. Jay’s abrupt “Cut!” pierces the air, and Mason releases him with an apologetic look. Despite his fear, the director’s persuasive words coax a second attempt from Brian.
This time, Mason’s grip is unyielding. Brian’s world goes dark as he’s choked into unconsciousness. Jay and Mason’s hands roam his body, their touches both clinical and predatory. They drag him to the garage set, where his arms are secured to a gurney, and electrodes are attached to his bare, trembling skin. The memory of their invasive touch lingers as they administer a round of mock CPR, their movements calculated and practiced.
As consciousness returns, the panic resurfaces. Brian’s muffled screams echo in the vast space as he realizes his vulnerability. The two men respond with a swift knockout blow, a rag soaked in a sweet-smelling substance silencing his protests. He’s then subjected to more intimate violations, his body manipulated and explored as if he were a ragdoll.
When he finally comes to, he’s back in the chair, fully dressed, but feeling the weight of a deep, unexplained horror. Jay informs him with a smug smile that they’ve administered a memory-erasing solution. “You’ll be ready for the shoot in a week,” he says, and the words hang in the air like a threat.
Brian nods, his mind reeling, and exits the room with shaky legs. As the door closes behind him, he’s already forgotten the traumatic scene that unfolded. Yet, the lingering fear is a silent testament to the reality of what he just endured. In a week, he’ll return, not knowing what awaits him on the other side of the camera.

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