Film911 – Bjorn The Landlord
As the camera starts rolling, we see Dr. Smith and Bjorn, the landlord, exchanging pleasantries in the living room. Dr. Smith immediately senses that Bjorn is not just there for a casual visit, but rather to collect the rent that he has not paid in three months. With a knowing smile, Dr. Smith greets Bjorn, asking him what brings him by.
Bjorn’s serious expression betrays the reason for his visit as he bluntly states that he’s there to collect the long overdue rent. Dr. Smith feigns ignorance and casually mentions that he just needs a few more weeks to make the payment. Bjorn, with a hint of frustration, explains that he has already given several extensions and can’t give any more. He warns Dr. Smith that he’s facing eviction and has another family waiting to move in.
The tension rises as the two men go back and forth, with Dr. Smith claiming that the slow economy has affected his business, therefore, his ability to pay rent on time. Bjorn, unimpressed, asks what kind of business he is in. With a confident grin, Dr. Smith reveals that he is a hypnotist.
Bjorn, taken aback, scoffs and makes a sarcastic remark, insinuating that Dr. Smith’s profession is ‘fake’. He goes on to mock him, saying that if he wasn’t wasting his time on this ‘fake stuff’, he would be able to pay his rent.
In a moment of desperation, Dr. Smith makes a bold offer to Bjorn, ‘If I can successfully hypnotize you, then you must give me a few more weeks to make the rent. But if I can’t, then you can evict me, and I’ll be out in 24 hours.’ Bjorn, highly skeptical, accepts the challenge.
As the tension mounts, Dr. Smith confidently explains that he has helped many people overcome their vices such as smoking and drinking through hypnosis. But Bjorn remains skeptical, not believing in the power of hypnosis.
The two men proceed with the hypnosis session, and to everyone’s surprise, it actually works. A bewildered Bjorn admits that he feels calmer and relaxed, acknowledging that perhaps there is some truth to hypnosis after all. He agrees to give Dr. Smith a few more weeks and leaves, leaving a triumphant Dr. Smith behind.
In the end, Dr. Smith’s unique approach in handling the situation not only saved him from eviction but also won him the respect of his skeptical landlord. As the camera fades to black, we see Dr. Smith giving a knowing smirk, satisfied with the outcome of the encounter.

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