Film911 – Adam Under Trance
Adam nervously entered the doctor’s office, unsure of what to expect. Dr. Smith, a stern and authoritative figure, sat behind his desk with a clipboard in hand. As Adam approached, the doctor simply nodded, indicating for him to follow. Adam meekly complied, feeling as though he had no other choice.
As he entered the examination room, Adam realized just how small and vulnerable he felt. Dr. Smith closed the door behind him and gestured for Adam to remove his clothing. Without questioning the request, Adam began to undress, his body trembling with anxiety.
Dr. Smith watched intently as Adam complied with his every word, noting every movement with precision. He was used to having control over his patients and Adam was no exception.
Adam felt exposed and vulnerable as he stood before the doctor in nothing but his boxers. With a wave of his hand, Dr. Smith motioned for Adam to strip down completely. Reluctantly, Adam removed the last bit of clothing and stood there, completely exposed.
Dr. Smith circled Adam, examining his body as though he was just another subject for experimentation. Despite feeling uncomfortable, Adam stayed still, afraid to defy the doctor’s orders.
As Dr. Smith completed his examination, he spoke to Adam in a condescending tone, making him feel even more insignificant. Adam could feel his confidence diminishing with each passing moment, as the doctor continued to belittle him.
Finally, the examination was over and Dr. Smith dismissed Adam with a wave of his hand. Feeling relieved and somewhat violated, Adam quickly dressed and left the office, vowing to never again allow someone to control his every move.
Adam’s experience with Dr. Smith was a lesson in not allowing others to have power over him. From that day on, he stood up for himself and made sure his voice was heard. No longer would he be a mere puppet, allowing others to control his every move.

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