Fer Punishes The Soldier With a Friendly Scratch – Fer All For Pleasure

Fer Punishes The Soldier With a Friendly Scratch – Fer All For Pleasure
Fer, a stern and disciplined drill sergeant, watches with a critical eye as the soldier awkwardly shuffles his feet across the parade ground. The solider’s lackluster performance is a stark contrast to the crisp precision of his comrades. Recognizing the need for immediate correction, Fer decides to administer a punishment that is both fitting and educational. With a sharp voice that cuts through the air, he commands the young man to halt. The soldier’s shoulders slump, and his eyes dart around nervously, knowing full well that he has fallen short of the expectations set before him.
Fer approaches the misaligned soldier, his own boots striking the ground with a rhythmic confidence that emphasizes the importance of every step. Drawing closer, he scrutinizes the young man’s posture and gear, noting the untidy laces and the way his rifle sags against his shoulder. “You call that marching?” he barks, his voice echoing across the open space. The soldier swallows hard, his heart racing with fear and embarrassment.
The drill sergeant believes in the power of physical correction to reinforce lessons, and in this case, he opts for a method that is both traditional and effective. “Drop and give me twenty,” he orders, his tone leaving no room for argument. The soldier clumsily complies, his muscles already protesting the impending exertion. Fer begins to count, his voice rising and falling in time with the soldier’s strained movements.
As the punishment progresses, the sergeant’s demeanor remains unyielding. His eyes never leave the soldier, ensuring that every push-up is done to perfection. The rest of the platoon watches on, their own marching steps growing more precise as they are reminded of the consequences of slacking off. The sound of the soldier’s body hitting the ground in unison with Fer’s count becomes a rhythmic backdrop to the training session.
Fer is not a man who enjoys meting out punishment, but he is a firm believer in the necessity of discipline. “You need to understand,” he says, pausing in his counting to offer a brief lecture, “that laziness has no place in the military. Each one of us must be able to rely on the other, and that trust is built on the foundation of hard work and dedication.”
The soldier, breathing heavily and covered in sweat, nods in understanding. His arms quiver as he completes the final few push-ups, his mind now focused solely on the task at hand. Once the punishment is over, Fer does not offer any words of encouragement or sympathy. Instead, he instructs the young man to stand at attention, his gaze never wavering.
“Now, let’s try this again,” he says, his voice firm but not unkind. “March with me.”
The soldier, now motivated by a mix of fear and respect, falls into step alongside Fer. The sergeant’s boots strike the ground with a purposeful rhythm, and the soldier strives to match it, his eyes focused straight ahead. The harshness of the sun beats down on them, but it is the heat of determination that now fuels the soldier’s movements.
Fer leads the way, setting a brisk pace that demands focus and endurance. As they march, he points out the proper technique, the importance of maintaining posture, and the pride that comes from a job well done. The soldier listens intently, absorbing every word, and with each step, his form begins to improve.
This moment of punishment is not just about physical exertion; it is a lesson in discipline and the value of perseverance. Fer knows that the path to becoming a great soldier is paved with moments like these, where personal weaknesses are exposed and overcome. Through his guidance and unyielding standards, the young man begins to understand what it truly means to serve.
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