DartTechStudio – The Mummy Pretzel (Oct 09, 2023)

DartTechStudio – The Mummy Pretzel (Oct 09, 2023)
The air in the room crackled with anticipation as MummyEd, a professional mummification player with thousands of hours under his belt, prepared to wrap not one, not two, but three of his clients at once! Across the room, Bind from MenInChains lent a helping hand, ready to assist in the intricate process. The three clients, MikeCBT, Dart_Tech, and Jimmy, stood side by side, their eyes locked on MummyEd as he began his meticulous work.
MummyEd started with a single layer of cling wrap for each boy, expertly wrapping their arms, legs, chests, and torso. Once they were securely wrapped, he moved on to the duct tape, sealing the cling wrap in place and ensuring that they wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. The boys’ breath hitched as the tape bit into their skin, but they knew that this was all part of the experience.
When MummyEd was finished with each boy, Bind carefully positioned them into a sturdy, decorative art piece structure designed specifically for the purpose. It was a marvel of engineering, holding the three boys in place as if they were statues. MummyEd, never one to rest on his laurels, got back to work, wrapping additional layers of duct tape around their bodies to further secure them.
Bind, meanwhile, moved from boy to boy, making sure that no gaps or loose flaps existed in the tape. As they worked in perfect harmony, it was clear that they had done this many times before. Finally, with a flourish, MummyEd added a touch of decorative tape here and there, giving the finished product a polished, professional look.
The room fell silent as they stepped back to admire their handiwork. The three boys were now perfectly mummified and securely mounted in the art piece structure. MummyEd winked at Bind, who grinned back proudly. It was yet another successful mummification session for the dynamic duo, and their clients left feeling both fulfilled and safe in their masters’ capable hands.

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