DartTechStudio – Full Auto (Jan 15, 2024)

DartTechStudio – Full Auto (Jan 15, 2024)
Master James’ eyes gleamed with excitement as he surveyed his new fully automatic airsoft BB gun, adorned with a sleek black paint job and precision optics. His heart raced with anticipation, knowing that tonight’s session with Dart_Tech would be unlike any other.
Little did Dart know, as he arrived at Master James’ place the previous day, that the masterful top had been secretly planning this special event. Dart, always eager to please and serve, had no idea what was in store for him.
As Master James led Dart to the center of the room, he instructed him to assume a unique bondage position. Dart complied, his muscular body arching and flexing under the command of Master James. The air grew thick with anticipation as Master James secured Dart’s wrists and ankles, binding him in place. He then fitted a yoke around Dart’s neck, forcing him to bear his weight on his thighs or risk choking himself.
“This is going to be… intense,” Dart whispered, his breath coming in ragged gasps.
Master James smiled wickedly and produced a collection of hooks, a blindfold, a ziplock bag, and even a tube of bright red lipstick. He expertly attached the hooks to Dart’s nipples and cock, pulled the blindfold over his eyes, and sealed the bag around his head. Then, with a devilish grin, he began to shoot his new airsoft gun at Dart, the BBs zipping through the air and striking their target with a satisfying pop. Dart let out a high-pitched scream with each impact.
As Dart struggled to maintain his composure, Master James took things up a notch by attaching electrodes to his thighs and chest. He activated the TENS unit, sending waves of electricity coursing through Dart’s body. Dart’s muscles convulsed and twitched uncontrollably, and his screams echoed off the walls.
Finally, Master James drew a thin line of lipstick across Dart’s lips, leaving a vivid mark that would serve as a reminder of this intense session for days to come. With a satisfied smile, he switched off the TENS unit and removed the hooks, blindfold, and bag. Dart collapsed into a heap on the floor, panting and sobbing.
It would take Dart at least a few days to recover from this encounter with Master James and his new fully automatic airsoft BB gun. But he knew that when he finally returned, he would beg for more of the same punishment and pleasure that only Master James could provide.

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